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Marvel Heroes 2015 Roll Call: Ant-Man

The newest character in “Marvel Heroes 2015” proves that you don’t need unbreakable claws or energy blasts to stand tall in the midst of battle. Gazillion Creative Designer and Community Manager Ryan Collins dropped by to talk Ant-Man and show us that great things come in small packages.

Marvel.com: Ant-Man is set to hit the silver screen this week, but he’s also snuck his way into “Marvel Heroes 2015.” Are we getting Scott Lang or throwing back to the original ant whisperer, Hank Pym?

Ryan Collins: We’re giving players the chance to play as either Scott Lang or Hank Pym! Scott Lang’s comic book costume is his default, the theatrical costume is an alternate, and we’re also offering a Classic Hank Pym Enhanced costume!

Marvel.com: In a game that’s full of larger than life characters smashing and blasting their foes, Ant-Man probably presented some really interesting design choices. His power is that he gets small, not something that’ll be particularly helpful to players trying to control him in the middle of a giant battle. How’d you guys work around that?

Ryan Collins: Well as you know, when he shrinks down he really packs a punch! His melee powers when shrunk are so satisfying and fun. In addition to that, he can shrink down and run around completely unnoticed. Enemies won’t even target him!

Marvel.com: Can we talk a little about his skill trees? What can Ant-Man fans do with the hero?

Ryan Collins: Ant-Man, like all of our heroes, has three skill trees: Particle Brawling, Equipment, and Insect Constructs. The trees are pretty self-explanatory—we hope so anyways! Particle Brawling involves all of his shrinking melee abilities—and one growth ability—Equipment has various gadgets including his bio-electric blasts, and Insect Constructs allows Scott or Hank to summon his tiny friends for awesome powers such as a giant fist made of ants! So good!

Marvel.com: What are some of the ways that you guys have been building him? Are we all about utility here? DPS? What does he add to team fights?

Ryan Collins: He’s definitely got some cool hybrid things going with his various gadgets and constructs. A lot of his AOE is built around [summoning] his ants, so you’ll have to manage your ant “pool” carefully!

Marvel.com: To pivot a little bit, I’ve heard that you guys are revamping the story content available to players. What exactly does that mean?

Ryan Collins: In order to make the story a more seamless and enjoyable experience for new and veteran players, we’ve removed difficulty modes entirely! The story is now rebalanced—and in some cases, enhanced—to allow you to play through it as a hero one time to get to max level. We love our story content and felt that the multiple difficulty modes just weren’t working out for players.


Guild Wars 2 Announced Next Revenant Legend

Guild Wars 2‘s Roy Cronacher has released further details about a revenant profession Legend – a damage-focused path themed after Shiro Tagachi, which grants access to equipping the character’s signature dual blades.

Shiro Tagachi is definitely an iconic character in Guild Wars lore. As with our other legend choices, we wanted to offer a good variety of very notable characters and creatures. For the physical-damage legend, we wanted someone who would make sense for high mobility and have a darker theme. Shiro was the obvious choice. If you enjoy damage, quick attacks, and mobility, I have a feeling Shiro will be a good fit for you.
The article goes on to detail the signature abilities for this Core Legend – quick attacks like Rift Slash and Precision Strike are on offer while Phase Traversal and Unrelenting Assault grants teleportation “rift walking” themed attacks/movement powers. Of particular note is an ability version of the Jade Winds (even available with a trait that will trigger when the player is defeated) which turns nearby foes to jade for a short duration.


There’s a sense of satisfaction when you wrap up a big set of goals. You’re downed the last boss of the last raid tier in World of Warcraft, and he dropped the last item you need to have best-in-slot across all of your equipment spaces. You’ve finally finished a major new ship upgrade in EVE Online, and while you’d have to start over if you lost the ship, for the moment you are finished. Heck, maybe you just finally got your house decorated the way you want in Final Fantasy XIV.

Sure, MMOs go on forever, but no matter what the game there’s a certain point when you’ve finished your most immediate goals. So what do you do when you reach that point? Step up to another tier of goals? Take a break from the game for a while? Play a different game altogether? Or even just settle into a maintenance routine?
Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!




Torchlight developer Runic will be revealing its new project at this year’s PAX Prime, according to a post on the company’s forums. The firm told VG247 that the title is not a Torchlight mobile port and, based on prior statements, a console port is also unlikely.

Could it be the MMO that Runic was talking about way back in 2012? We’ll find out in late August when we head to Seattle for PAX.

Runic is currently owned by Perfect World. Founders Erich Schaefer and Travis Baldree left the firm in 2014 to form an indie outfit known as Double Damage Games.


Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Elder Scrolls Online Digital Editions Now Available For Pre-Order


We’re just weeks away from the highly anticipated console launch of The Elder Scrolls Online and today developers Bethesda announced the immediate availability of digital pre-order editions for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The pre-order options come in two different packages including the regular pre-order bundle at $59.99 and the special Collector’s Edition priced a little higher at $79.99. Anyone that opts to pre-order either the regular or Collector’s Edition versions will receive the free Explorer’s Pack that comes complete with a host of worthwhile perks & benefits:

All races playable in any alliance. Maybe you fancy being an Orc but want to fight alongside the Ebonheart Pact. Or perhaps you want your Nord to join up with the Aldmeri Dominion. In ESOTU, each faction is composed of three unique races. With the Explorer’s pack, you can pick any of the nine total races and align with any of the three factions, giving you even greater freedom to play the game however you like!
A precious pet. Fondly known as Warty, the Scuttler is a vanity pet you can only get through the Explorer’s Pack. Be the envy of your friends when you show up with this scaly rapscallion scampering around your heels! (Don’t worry, you can change Warty’s name.)
Treasure maps. Everyone likes loot. Get a leg up with a collection of maps that’ll lead you to hidden chests stuffed with treasure.


Dragon Nest Europe Welcomes A World In Flames Content Update


The ground beneath our feet begins to warm with the Summer sun but the plains that fill the world of Dragon Nest EU are reaching unexpected temperatures as the World in Flames content update receives a huge reveal with details on new content and fixes. This month the developers, Actoz Games GmbH, promise to deliver players an exciting array of new content to explore including a boost in level cap from the current 70 to the new level 80, additional environments to explore housing a staggering 8 new dungeons, a challenging level 80 Volcano Nest and several epic level 80 gear sets.

The end of the world has begun. Players have to prove their worth in the new Level 80 content, where they will have to find out if they can stop King Feather from destroying the Monolith and tearing the world to pieces. To do that, they have to make their way through Flame Canyons, overcome Lava Rivers and travel deep into a Fire Mountain’s caves to kill the creatures lurking in the sweltering abyss threatening to swallow the world.

Once players complete the challenging journey to level 80 they’re invited to the Fire Mountain’s and Lava River’s newly improved activities as the Abyss Modes become available, offering those with the skill to win a variety of rare rewards including Talismans, Heraldries and Dragon Jades.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided shows 20 minutes of gameplay

Funnily enough, we were just wondering on the PC Invasion podcast (going up later today) when the first ‘walkthough of a Deus Ex: Mankind Divided level’ video would show up.

Turns out the answer is ‘today, silly.’

It’s a 25 minute video, of which 20 or so is full UI-HUD gameplay. The intro part features Adam Jensen (now a part of an offshoot of Interpol) exchanging some expository intrigue with his contact, Alex, in Prague. After a terrorist attack interrupts their discussions, Jensen is whisked off to find the man (supposedly) responsible. But since Jensen suspects his squad is being manipulated by the Illuminati, who knows?

The target for Jensen’s mission is Talos Rucker, head of the Augmented Rights Coalition. The majority of this Deus Ex: Mankind Divided video takes place inside Rucker’s building, with points of interest narrated by the game’s executive audio director, Steve Szczepkowski.

This commentary does a pretty good job pointing out which aspects are being shown, and which glossed over; as well as dropping a few reminders that this is alpha footage and not the finished article. It notes that health and energy are infinite for the purposes of the demonstration. There’s even a “hey this bit has some spoilers” warning before the returning ‘boss battle conversation’ with Rucker, allowing you to skip ahead.

Szczepkowski also makes a terrible “stick around” joke, so it’s not a flawless performance.

Anyway, it’s a solid 20 minutes or so of the upcoming game being played. Nothing specific about the PC version in this particular video, and I am curious to find out how much of the HUD stuff we’ll be able to switch off (I’d like to see more of the Dawn Engine scenery, ideally,) but a decent look at some of Jensen’s new skills (including a very Dishonored-like ‘Icarus Dash’ move.)

Half-Line Miami franchise mash-up is coming for free


No it’s not Half Life 3 but Half-Line Miami has taken two super popular franchises to create an interesting fun looking mash-up.

Let’s clarify what Half-Line Miami is. It’s not a first person shooter using the Half Life engine and set in Miami, it’s the other way round. It looks like Hotline Miami with elements of Half Life.

The only weapon is the Half Life gravity gun and the developer Thomas Kole describes it as playing like “something in between” the two.

Kole says this has been an experimental project and it will be released for free when it’s done. Most of the game elements such as physics are done along with four maps, Point Insertion, Route Kanal, Water Hazard, and a bonus level. Running around the levels with gun shows how the game physics works with objects bouncing off walls one they been flung with the gun.

That’s not all though, a map editor is also being released.

So why is he doing it? Kole adds, “I’m trying to inspire some game developers to try and mash up videogames as an exercise in game development, maybe someone else will make that”.

Let’s not take this too seriously, it’s a bit of fun and it’s great to indie devs playing around with ideas such as this. If you’re a fan of both games then give the trailer a watch and check out the Half-Line Miami IndieDB page.

Jagex thinks it offers cracked HTML5 with RuneScape 3

Over the summer, UK-based programmer Jagex will release RuneScape 3, the biggest update the MMORPG has seen since 2004. As the update presents a new music engine that allows for vibrant music, a brand new fully easy to customize interface which can be snapped into place around the display screen at the player’s choosing, as well as other upgrades on the top of this, the most notable change is definitely the switch coming from a Java client to HTML5.
The HTML5 lanaguage hasn’t had the kindest of receptions to date. More recently there has been a fair amount of positivity on show too, even though wooga and Unity are just two big companies who haven’t exactly been in favor of the platform in the past. Most developers believe that HTML5 will be truly ready to go by next year — and yet here Jagex is jumping in at the deep end early. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard saw that the market share for Java was dropping, and was very conscious of being left behind.

“There needed to be a move,” he says, “but there were no clear answers as to where. Flash doesn’t have the power. It’s only on Internet Explorer and there are no standards there, although microsoft’s got something interesting with Silverlight. We could deploy our own custom plug-in, but then we’d see a cut on the install base.””So there are no easy answers. And the more we looked at HTML5, we saw it as the future language.”

Of course, Jagex is fully aware of the fact that HTML5 isn’t quite there yet — “It’s premature, obviously, and early adopters are usually the guinea pigs who are experimented on and suffer,” admits Gerhard.But as the company continued to work with HTML5, making sure that the new technology could work in parallel with RuneScape’s existing tech stack, the more excited the team became about the platform.

Notes Gerhard, “We had our own board say to us, ‘We spent some time with the Google team – they had King.com in for six months and they said it couldn’t be done. So, you guys are wasting time.’ And we said, ‘No no, we’ve done it.’ And they said, ‘Oh! We should probably talk to Google then! ‘”Talking to Google is exactly what Jagex has done, leading to a couple of HTML5 releases from Google that address some of the instruction optimizations that Jagex put forward. Jagex is also working closely with Mozilla to help the company proof Firefox such that it can be more purpose-made for games.

As for Internet Explorer, Gerhard says that it “is still very much out there, but I think they’ll close ranks at some point.””So yeah, we have it,” he reiterates of the company’s steps forwards into HTML5. The interpretation of JavaScript is quite slow in general, and that’s where all the optimizations are, although “Oh high-end machines it works absolutely fine. I know that will improve over time.” And the Jagex CEO had some interest stats to share too: “Interestingly, we profiled the systems of our players, and we found that 70 percent of our players have systems capable of this. I thought it would be the other way around – I thought maybe 10, 20 percent would be able to run it.

During my playtest of RuneScape 3, I noticed a fair amount of slowdown in framerate, especially when in built-up areas of the game. Executive producer Phil Mansell assured me that Jagex only recently began the optimization phase of the project, and that by the time the game is released, Jagex is aiming for a smooth 30 frames per second throughout.”We’re going to plow the first furrow here,” adds Gerhard. “The closed beta has been running live with players for a week now, and we’re working super hard – there’s still lots to do over the next two months.”

There’s another plus side to implementing RuneScape in HTML5 — the cross-platform possibilities, including on mobile devices.Of course, it’s not a simple case of dropping the browser game onto touch devices and that’s that. A new control scheme needs to be implemented that best suits mobile devices, and even then it often doesn’t work out, as Clash of Clans studio Supercell found recently. Jagex R&D is working on making the game conducive to the mobile experience, a transition the company knows will be difficult.

Runescape Swatting Target Says 10 Police Officers Pointed Gun At 10 Year Old Brother

Last Thursday, US Air flow Force seasoned Joshua Peters, an avid Twitch customer, was enjoying fantasy MMO game “Runescape” via the on the internet platform when his home was stormed by armed law enforcement — in front of an online market of 60,000. Peters quickly recognized what was going on — he had become the most up-to-date victim of swatting — an incident where authorities are tricked into dispatching a SWAT crew based on a false report or telephone call, often made by rival on the internet players.
Peters, or on the web alias Koopatroopa787, responded to the prank following the incident on his source, which he then uploaded to his You tube channel on Thursday. The recording has been looked at more than 100,000 times.”I see you publishing my deal with,” Peters said on his stream after the disturbance. “I had police stage a firearm at my little brothers because of you. They could have been shot, they could have died because you chose to SWAT my stream. I don’t provide a s— about what you have against me, or things i did to you personally. For that, I am at a loss for words. Your gripe is to use me so let it be around me and never involve our family in any way, shape or type with this. They don’t are worthy of that.”

Peters tearfully recounted the incident a lot more than 10 policemen pointed firearms at his younger trouble, who is 10 years old.The internet gamer still isn’t confident who swatted him, or if perhaps any other gamer has anything against him.”It was actually more or less a wake-up get in touch with that I must be careful. It can happen to any individual,” he told ABC News Fri. “I came back again on soon after and told everyone what was going on. I knew the one who did it was watching and I wanted to inform them you can’t do this.”