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Early Thoughts on my Return to WoW

Yeah, I returned to WoW. I’ve put in a few hours casually over the last 4 days and have to say I’m starting to really, really enjoy the leveling experience in Warlords of Draenor. In fact, so much so that I am regretting having not played from the beginning. Technically it would have never worked given I was busy getting married, etc., but there is definitely a twinge of “Ugh I missed out on this in its heyday.”

This post is simply going to serve as a place to dump a few quick thoughts on my experience thus far, and maybe even get a little bit of your feedback and help on some questions.

I decided to roll up a Hunter. I plan to convert him to a melee spec Hunter when Legion launches. I’m enjoying how Hunters have changed since I played one as my Main from Vanilla through WotLK. Any advice on a particular pet?

Khadgar has Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian
Why does Khadgar have Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian?

I love the emphasis on lore and story. Right from the get-go we meet Khadgar and Durotan and really big players. So much early RTS lore being thrown at me. However, I’m sorta confused. So uh.. where’d Khadgar come from? Wasn’t he in Outland in Shattrath? And why does he have Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian?! Isn’t that Medivh’s staff?

WoW Garrison
Having a useful, functional place to upgrade and work on is a welcome change of scenery

The Garrison system is fantastic. I think adding a place to call “home” is definitely a much needed change of pace from everyone roaming around a capital city. The feigned sense of social contact in WoW was off-putting. We were never there to chat. At best it made for inspecting people and suffering from gear envy. Having a practical and useful place that generates items, income, and something to do — a reason to log in that isn’t the same kind of daily quest — is welcome.

The zones themselves seem much grander than typical WoW expansions. MoP was so bland and the lore and atmosphere stank in comparison. I really feel a sense of “Warcraft” here.

Quests in Frostfire Ridge were quite good. I like the emphasis on cinematic and leading me around via story. On the main map there is a Story Progress indicator which is nice to see how far I should be progressing through a zone. Thus far, the story has taken me to all of the outposts and I feel like I finished everything I wanted to do in Frostfire Ridge by the time the story took me to the next zone.

[Spoiler ahead] When Ga’arn told his brother the tribe needed their Warchief and Durotan’s eyes widened… then Ga’arn sacrificed himself and yelled “LOK’TAR!!” I had the best nerdy goosebumps and was on the verge of getting emotional. Whew… starting to feel it again… okay, moving on.

Questing itself is definitely not bad. Yeah, it’s the same old stuff but man when you go to other games and do their quests and you come back to WoW it’s like a warm chocolate chip cookie giving you a hug. As far as themeparks go, WoW is king and no one else should even try.

WoW Rare mob spawns
Gathering treasures and hunting “rare” mobs adds fun

Treasure and Rares

One of my absolute favorite additions are the treasures and rare mobs/items around the map. I LOVE the exploration element that exists even when I cheat with this UI mod that shows me where everything is located. Personally, seeing these rares on the map is even more push for me to go out of my comfort zone. I also like how they can require a little effort and acrobatics.

Gear Upgrades

REALLY cool feature I just discovered is random gear upgrades. I got a quest reward that I swear went from a green to an epic. I now have like 5 epics that are way better than the quest reward was going to be. Such a neat dynamic element to a very stale questing model.

I’m excited to see what adventures the next zone brings

I’m just now entering the second zone: Gorgrond. Setting up my outposts was yet another “cool, that’s neat,” moment. Those moments will keep me engaged and wanting to continue logging in to level.


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Having To vs. Wanting To Do something.

My post on Garrisons brought up an interesting topic: Having to vs. Wanting to do something. There’s a bit of psycholgy involved with this discussion, as well as complications from game design details, and I don’t want to dive too deeply into it that we lose the point, but here’s how I see the debate of having to vs wanting to do something as it pertains to things like dailies, garrisons, etc.

I don’t like dailies that force me to do them. I don’t like the quest hubs with 10-30 quests that I have to do every day in order to accrue reputation or points or tokens or whatever it may be in order to gain access to something else down the road. Notice my caveat: They gate the content or path to something else. Any day that I skip is a delay in my ability to access the content or the reward or whatever it may be. I would say that in this case, these are something I have to do.

I don’t mind dailies that exist to simply provide me with gold or rewards as I do them. If I do 10 dailies today I get 100 told. If I do 5 I get 50. They exist solely to benefit me as I do them. Whether I skip a day of dailies or not isn’t going to push out my access to something, it will simply provide me with less gain. Also, I can get gold doing any number of activities from crafting to running current dungeons, or even really old dungeons. Some of these other options might even generate me income faster. In this case, these dailies are something I want to do.

The psychology comes into play when we think, “I have to do this because if I don’t, and other people do, then I won’t be as good as them.” People will think that they have to run the dungeons, and the raids, and do all of the daily quests, and craft, etc., because if not they they aren’t taking advantage of everything. I’ll raise my hand and volunteer that I am completely guilty of this trap. I fall into it all the time. While there may (reality: is) truth to this concept of falling behind, what does that ultimately matter as long as what you’re doing still feels like a game and provides fun? This will be completely different for each of us as to what we think is fun, and for some being the best is the fun part. Ultimately though, if you’re not having fun, and this feels like a job, then YOU are doing it wrong and not the game — that is, unless the game has gated the content behind these daily quests, in which case the game is inherently flawed.

Bringing this back to WoW for a second, and to a topic that isn’t as cut and dry as gold, the ideal way to give me options would be to say that I can generate (for easy math) 1000 apexis crystals a day. I can do daily quests in Tanaan, or I can do activities in my Garrison, or I can run dungeons, etc., to earn these apexis crystals. The choice of how to earn them is mine. That, to me, is fair, as long as all of these options allow you to earn up to the cap for the day. As soon as I’m forced to do the daily quests in Tanaan, AND the dungeons, AND the garrison stuff… that’s the part that feels like a job because I may not feel like doing dungeons today.

Personally? I like options in my themeparks. And ultimately that’s what I feel a themepark MMO should be all about.


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WildStar Free-To-Play enters closed beta

Cartoony MMO WildStar‘s free-to-play version has entered closed beta.

WildStar is due to properly go free-to-play sometime over the next few months, but presumably, all of the changes being made require a bit of testing. The game itself will be fully playable to free accounts, with no limitations on accessing any of the content currently in the game, but with a whole lot of restrictions on more… quality-of-life enhancements. Free players will have less character slots, for instance, and can’t invite into or create warparties. A lot of these restrictions are removed on paying for a “signature” account, which is basically the new subscription service.

You can read the full details on the changes to the free-to-play version and the bonuses that box owners and subscribers get over here. If you want to sign up for the closed beta, you can do so over here, although any current subscribers should automatically have access.


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Toy Soldiers: War Chest seemingly AWOL on PC

Toy Soldiers: War Chest apparently comes out today on PC, but if you can find a digital version on either Steam or Uplay then you have a keener eye than me. Or it came out after I wrote this story.

Update 12 August: It showed up today. Rest of the original story follows.

There are still hours left in the day (in some time-zones, anyway) for Toy Soldiers: War Chest to meet that scheduled 11 August release; but even if it does, this has been an oddly quiet launch.

Immediately post-Games is always a bit of a dicey time to put a game out (with most writers occupied elsewhere). You’d still expect Ubisoft or developers Signal Studios to at least give a twitter mention to the game on launch day, though.

The game currently has a solitary review on metacritic (across all platforms), strongly suggested that review copies never went out.

Toy Soldiers: War Chest is the third installment in Signal Studios’ sort-of-tower-defence-sort-of-RTS series. This one has a few branded toys in it, including He-Man and, um, Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, and a fairly confusing DLC structure.


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Marvel Heroes 2015 Roll Call: Ant-Man

The newest character in “Marvel Heroes 2015” proves that you don’t need unbreakable claws or energy blasts to stand tall in the midst of battle. Gazillion Creative Designer and Community Manager Ryan Collins dropped by to talk Ant-Man and show us that great things come in small packages.

Marvel.com: Ant-Man is set to hit the silver screen this week, but he’s also snuck his way into “Marvel Heroes 2015.” Are we getting Scott Lang or throwing back to the original ant whisperer, Hank Pym?

Ryan Collins: We’re giving players the chance to play as either Scott Lang or Hank Pym! Scott Lang’s comic book costume is his default, the theatrical costume is an alternate, and we’re also offering a Classic Hank Pym Enhanced costume!

Marvel.com: In a game that’s full of larger than life characters smashing and blasting their foes, Ant-Man probably presented some really interesting design choices. His power is that he gets small, not something that’ll be particularly helpful to players trying to control him in the middle of a giant battle. How’d you guys work around that?

Ryan Collins: Well as you know, when he shrinks down he really packs a punch! His melee powers when shrunk are so satisfying and fun. In addition to that, he can shrink down and run around completely unnoticed. Enemies won’t even target him!

Marvel.com: Can we talk a little about his skill trees? What can Ant-Man fans do with the hero?

Ryan Collins: Ant-Man, like all of our heroes, has three skill trees: Particle Brawling, Equipment, and Insect Constructs. The trees are pretty self-explanatory—we hope so anyways! Particle Brawling involves all of his shrinking melee abilities—and one growth ability—Equipment has various gadgets including his bio-electric blasts, and Insect Constructs allows Scott or Hank to summon his tiny friends for awesome powers such as a giant fist made of ants! So good!

Marvel.com: What are some of the ways that you guys have been building him? Are we all about utility here? DPS? What does he add to team fights?

Ryan Collins: He’s definitely got some cool hybrid things going with his various gadgets and constructs. A lot of his AOE is built around [summoning] his ants, so you’ll have to manage your ant “pool” carefully!

Marvel.com: To pivot a little bit, I’ve heard that you guys are revamping the story content available to players. What exactly does that mean?

Ryan Collins: In order to make the story a more seamless and enjoyable experience for new and veteran players, we’ve removed difficulty modes entirely! The story is now rebalanced—and in some cases, enhanced—to allow you to play through it as a hero one time to get to max level. We love our story content and felt that the multiple difficulty modes just weren’t working out for players.


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Guild Wars 2 Announced Next Revenant Legend

Guild Wars 2‘s Roy Cronacher has released further details about a revenant profession Legend – a damage-focused path themed after Shiro Tagachi, which grants access to equipping the character’s signature dual blades.

Shiro Tagachi is definitely an iconic character in Guild Wars lore. As with our other legend choices, we wanted to offer a good variety of very notable characters and creatures. For the physical-damage legend, we wanted someone who would make sense for high mobility and have a darker theme. Shiro was the obvious choice. If you enjoy damage, quick attacks, and mobility, I have a feeling Shiro will be a good fit for you.
The article goes on to detail the signature abilities for this Core Legend – quick attacks like Rift Slash and Precision Strike are on offer while Phase Traversal and Unrelenting Assault grants teleportation “rift walking” themed attacks/movement powers. Of particular note is an ability version of the Jade Winds (even available with a trait that will trigger when the player is defeated) which turns nearby foes to jade for a short duration.

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There’s a sense of satisfaction when you wrap up a big set of goals. You’re downed the last boss of the last raid tier in World of Warcraft, and he dropped the last item you need to have best-in-slot across all of your equipment spaces. You’ve finally finished a major new ship upgrade in EVE Online, and while you’d have to start over if you lost the ship, for the moment you are finished. Heck, maybe you just finally got your house decorated the way you want in Final Fantasy XIV.

Sure, MMOs go on forever, but no matter what the game there’s a certain point when you’ve finished your most immediate goals. So what do you do when you reach that point? Step up to another tier of goals? Take a break from the game for a while? Play a different game altogether? Or even just settle into a maintenance routine?
Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!


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