10 Tips to Keep Your Memory in Top Shape


As time goes by, neural connections in our brains grow weaker and even disappear. For us, that means we start forgetting things. At first, our short-term memory is affected, and gradually, our long-term memory as well. However, there’s good news before there’s bad: there are quite a few things you can do to push back this natural course and delay it for a while. And that’s because memory is like a muscle — the more you train it, the better and stronger it becomes. Here are 10 tips to keep your memory in top shape:

1. Exercise

You are probably tired of hearing this answer to every health problem out there. But exercise really is crucial for overall physical and mental health. Numerous studies showed that regular exercise boosts your health, including that of your brain, significantly. It increases circulation to the brain, improves brain function and chemical balance, and subsequently helps you remember more for longer.

2. Read

Right up there with exercise, reading is probably the second most-important thing you should do to keep your memory in good shape. Reading stimulates your brain to create imagery from the words you’re reading and opens up a wealth of new information to you, all in a relaxing setting.

3. Learn a new language

Although it may sound odd, but learning a new language at any age will improve your memory as well. And it makes sense — all those new words you have to remember, along with grammatical and writing rules; they basically help train your memory.

4. Listen to music or learn how to play an instrument

Simply listening to classical music soothes the brain and helps you relax. Learning to play an instrument stimulates the brain like crazy, which steers you away from forgetfulness.

5. Solve crossword puzzles

And we return to language — this time, exercising the one you already know. And there’s no better way to do that but through crossword puzzles. It stimulates remembering words and making neural connections or reinforcing those you already have.

6. Play chess

If you haven’t learned how to, it’s time to do so now. Chess is one of the best games you can play to stimulate logic skills and take your brain into full throttle, as you have to plan ahead and calculate moves in advance.

7. Take supplements

Dietary supplements are a great way to support your health naturally. There are many brain and memory herbs, vitamins and amino acids that can help you improve your mental function without any remarkable side effects. I’d recommend Brain Pill (read the review at mhrc.cc) if you are looking for an herbal supplement that can help to mildly boost your brain function.

8. Socialize

As humans, we are social creatures. Isolating yourself from the rest of the world is a sure way to make your brain suffer, and as a result your memory will start declining and you’ll have difficulty remembering things or creating new memories. Talk to people and keep friends and family around at all times — you’ll be happier.

9. Memorize

Obvious, isn’t it? Memorizing things like poetry or lines from your favorite movie, or even song lyrics is the best way to keep your memory sharp.

10. Sleep well

Staying up all night causes huge damage to your brain, and puts a strain on it even if you’re young. You notice you can’t focus quite as well, can’t concentrate while doing simple daily tasks, and definitely can’t keep up with everything around you after a sleepless night. Allow your brain to rest as it creates and stores your important memories during the night, when it’s not distracted by the world around you.

Taking all these into consideration will boost your memory significantly. Accompany these activities with always learning, always being curious and follow a healthy, balance diet and exercise regimen so that your brain, and memory, will thank you!



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