6 Questions to be Asked to Your Spine Surgery Specialist


If you are also one of the victims of back pain and are considering going through spine surgery, selecting an acclaimed and reliable surgeon is the most essential step towards achieving a painless and successful spine surgery. You should better start with the tried and tested method for finding a spine surgery specialist in Palm Beach, which is none other than going for word of mouth or professional recommendations.

However, once you have shortlisted the potential specialists make sure that you interview each one of them personally and ask the set of given questions to find out if it’s alright to go ahead with the particular specialist or not:

  • Start with asking questions about the spine surgery specialist’s qualifications and experience with the type of spine surgery you’re seeking.

  • How much experience does the specialist have in this kind of surgery and how many times he has performed these types of specific surgeries? For instance, your chosen surgeon might have relative and a good amount of experience in lumbar fusions, but you need to undergo ALIF surgery and he might not have a relative experience ALIF and hence his experience won’t matter for you.

  • Is the doctor certified by state and other government boards to carry out these surgery procedures? You can easily locate their certificate on the wall. Furthermore, your chosen surgeon should also be a member of major spine organizations such as American Board of Spine Surgeons or North American Spine Society.

  • Depending upon the stats, if the success rate for a particular surgery is a definite rate, you should also consider the doctor’s personal success rate to be sure before going ahead?

  • Is the doctor alright with you going to get a second opinion and who would the doctor recommending personally for your kind of scenario?

  • Can you have a word with other patients who have undergone the same kinds of surgeries or are there any alternate ways, you can get to know about their testimonials?

In case, you are not able to get satisfactory answers to any of these questions or notice defensiveness on the part of the surgeon while answering these questions, move to the next spine surgery specialist in Palm Beach. The options are plentiful and when it comes to your health, you should always take considerable time to find the right specialist for you.


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