Bridal Jewellery – An Important Element at Indian Wedding


Weddings in India are a grand affair that is celebrated very lavishly. One of the most important element of Indian Weddings is the jewellery. A wedding without heavy jewellery and that too in India, is not even possible. Jewellery is a very important aspect of the whole attire and look of an Indian bride.Indian brides are ornamented with jewelries from top to base. Wedding Jewelries are given such extreme importance in India as they are considered to be blessed. The reason why Indian brides are gifted heavy jewelries is because they leave their families  and go to a new family to start a whole new phase of life.


The bride and groom have to make a striking style statement and stand out from the crowd. So their jewellery has to be really unique and special. Beautiful bridal jewelry can be brought by many Online Jewellery store in Delhi that offer you great styles and design. Nowadays, when shopping Online jewellery India, most of the sites offer you with a special section that is purely dedicated to bridal jewellery. They offer you with beautiful designs with different price ranges. You can choose and buy according to your budget.

While shopping jewellery for Indian brides, following jewellery shouldn’t be missed out as these are essential for the complete look of the bride.

Bridal Jewellery Sets: The basic bridal set to be worn on the wedding day, mainly consists of a necklace, bangles, maang tikka, earrings, hair accessories, nose pins and much more. Bridal Jewellery sets is a gift that the bride gets from her in-laws. A bridal set is so important as it adds beauty and elegance to the look of the bride.

Earrings: Earrings are referred to pieces of jewellery that beautify a bride’s ear. Dangling pieces engraved with gold and precious stones are supposed to be worn on the wedding day than studs. Mostly, you get neck pieces with them or you can also mix match the earrings with the neck pieces you like.

Necklace: Necklaces are referred to heavy chains of gold that can either be embedded with pearls or stones or diamonds. Necklaces are the piece of jewellery that can be worn at different-different lengths based on the size of the neck and wish of the bride.

Hair Accessories: Nowadays, hair accessories are very important for the perfect look of the bride. Hair Accessories mostly consist of maang-tikka and pins to make a bun. Just like an Indian Bride wears maang tikka, The Muslim bride wears a Jhoomar on her wedding day.

Bangles: Bangles are supposed to be a very important aspect of the bride’s wedding look. A bride has to wear a hand full of red/green bangles that can be colored with gold or other metals depending on one’s choice and wish.

Anklets: Anklets commonly known as Payal in India, are thick chains with tiny bells and jewels worn around a bride’s ankle. When a bride walks into her new home wearing the anklets the sounds that her feet make are the symbol of happiness.

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