Do you have all these crackers to celebrate the victorious moments?


Firecrackers are really fun and with its light and sound the happiness of the victorious moments increases. Apart from India’s victory in the cricket tournament or Olympics, there are our religious festivals also when we love to lit up the amazing and colorful crackers. Diwali crackers are of the ultimate importance because it is known to be the brightest of all festivals and a gamut of excitement and glamor is added by crackers apart from lights. But that doesn’t connote that we don’t light up crackers on other occasions. We actually love to celebrate with great enthusiasm all the year round because we believe that celebration is the way of life and put all our heart and soul into it.

With crackers, I guess everyone gets a sound of their childhood also. Modern day 3 D or electronic fireworks are available in the market and taking the world of firecrackers by a storm. When everything around us is getting modernized why not firecrackers? This 3 D crackers uses a 3 D glass and there are more than 20 varieties of it. Anar, phuljhari, even akash ganga kind of famous crackers are available in this form. And with this type of firecrackers, you can be a bit sympathetic towards nature also as they are environment friendly.

But I guess the real fun of lighting a firecracker can come only out of the ones made with real Anars and phuljharis instead of the 3d or the electronic ones. Anars resemble a flower pot and when it is lit up the sparks come out just like a blooming flower. There are many types of anars available in the market and you have to surf well before buying the desirable ones.

The next in importance is the phuljhari which is a small handheld metal stick layered with gun powder and sparklers. Generally the yellow sparkle is the common one but these days various other colors of sparkling phuljharis are also available. Green purple, red, are other colors seen as variation in phuljharis. But the most evil of the crackers is the bomb or sounding crackers that really scares people. But all these are emant for pure fun and not to hurt anyone. The garland or the bidi bomb is the most famous one in this category and the sound effect remains for a long time.

Get these Diwali crackers via online shopping and celebrate the festival with fun and frolic.



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