Are Curly Hair Extensions,The Best Option for Wavy Hair Clients?


The problem that most of the women with wavy hair face is that wavy, curly hair extensions can be a bit hard to find. One has to closely observe the nature of wavy, curly and straight hair extensions before purchasing them.

Why Do Clients Ask For Wavy/Curly Hair Extensions?

You may notice that some clients even after having visibly straight hair, ask for wavy or curly hair extensions.  The reason being when the straight hair are left to dry naturally then usually they dry up in a kink or natural wave. Fitting straight hair extension on your naturally dried hair can be a tough job.

Are There Any Advantages When Opting For Curly Hair Extensions Instead Of Straight Hair Extensions?

A person that has curly hair that are defined, then curly hair extensions are the perfect option for them.But if the hair texture is between wavy and straight, opting for wavy hair extensions is not the right option.

Curly hair extensions can be difficult to work with:

  1. Sourcing individuals that donate curly hair is far more challenging than sourcing people to donate straight hair.Therefore, to achieve curls/waves in hair extensions they are put in artificially.  It is very odd that you can find curly hair extensions in a Curly Hair Extension Store that are 100% natural without any perming.
  2. This is the reason why curly hair extensions are more heavily processed than straight hair extensions. This results in hair that are naturally not very long, as is more prone to problems like dryness, tangling etc.
  3. These hair extensions in the beginning they are straight as a natural wave and become curly through perming. If any attempt is made to straighten/alter the shape will cause the curls to slowly lose its hold. Therefore, you can wear them for a limited time only in order to make them last as long as possible.
  4. It becomes difficult to manage your hair if you keep on straightening, brushing or blow drying your hair extensions.All these loosen the curls.
  5. Ultimately, the curl will be lost all together, leaving the hair extensions in a natural state of fuzziness. In order to achieve neat curls or straight look you have to either curl them or straighten them.
  6. Due to all these additional treatments and overall maintenance the cost of curly hair extensions that Curly Hair Extension Store offer tends to be higher.

Types of Curly Hair Extension Online

  • Natural:They are made from natural high quality human hair. Indian human hair is the best and the shiniest human hair available.
  • Synthetic:Different types of synthetic fibers constitute Synthetic hair extensions. High quality synthetic hair extensions are very expensive
  • Clip -on hair extensions: For a little change in your hairstyle, then go for clip- on hair extension.
  • Permanent:Permanent hair extensions can be attached to your hair scalp through bonding, fusing and braiding.

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