Dependency Therapy for Gay Men and Women in a Gay Medication Rehab


I lately obtained a phone call from a man that wanted finding a gay drug rehab. He and his partner were preparing a wedding and also believed it would certainly be a smart idea to get clean and also sober before going any further with their lives. After a few weeks in a gay medication rehab and also, they agreed that the work they achieved benefited them as a couple and as people. They felt ready to start the following chapter in their lives.

I use this example because it is so different from what I generally see. In my treatment job I have actually located– whether they are lesbian, gay, or straight– that very few people in a relationship with a medication addiction or alcoholism look for addiction therapy before obtaining wed. Most continue with their medication addiction as well as alcoholism in denial and also really hoping things will improve. It goes without saying, things seldom get better as the medication addiction or alcohol addiction becomes much more dynamic.

It is tough to move on in any connection when drug addiction or alcoholism are present as communication begins to break down, drug use ends up being the concern and also anxiety, temper and also resentment are all common area.

What to try to find in a gay medicine rehabilitation:

The most crucial qualities in a gay medication rehabilitation or gay dependency treatment center are discovered in having a personnel that is sensitive to the requirements of the gay/ lesbian populace (non-homophobic ), a team educated scientifically in the best ways to best address their particular needs and also a comprehensive family members healing program. As a result of the fact that there is a lot rage and shame within the family a medicine rehab or gay drug rehabilitation requires have to have a strong family part. The family members specialist has to be experienced to maintain addiction treatment from dissolving into the same type of communication the couple has at house.

The problem of whether to look for a lesbian/gay medication California rehab, alcohol rehabilitation or dependency treatment program is something for each couple to make a decision. There are numerous gay medication rehabilitations and also medicine rehabilitations with gay parts to pick from, yet it is important for you and your partner to do your homework. Ask questions of each medicine rehabilitation or gay drug rehab relating to personnel qualifications, licenses and the issues they are geared up to manage.

While many of the bothersome characteristics that exist between lesbian as well as gay male pairs are not substantially various from their heterosexual counterparts, the problems can be fairly distinct. A few of these are:

a. interior as well as external homophobia.

b. kid protection

c. appearing

d. family members concerns

e. sexuality

How a gay medication rehab aid:

Frequently, pairs pertain to gay dependency treatment or gay medicine rehab with the unspoken hope that treatment will alter their partner and also, when that happens, their problems will vanish. Nonetheless, because the only individual any of us could alter is ourselves, the work drug rehab is to recognize our own dependency and take responsibility where suitable.
Several of the crucial objectives, besides abstaining, of a gay medication rehab is to lower pity, handle internalized homophobia and locate acceptance. Don’t child yourself, it requires time and also readiness.



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