Hygiene Tips That You Should Not Neglect In Your Day to Day Routines


Being hygienic will not let you down and it will help your body to fight many diseases. As our life’s become busier than ever, there are so many little details that we tend to forget and even neglect. But these little things will also help you to build a healthy life and keep you away from so many preventable diseases. At the end of the day, all you need is to be happy and contented on the way you spent it. With happiness goes healthiness. So, both should have good ties in your life. This is why we thought of reminding you about some of the forgettable hygiene tips your mom taught you when you were a kid.

Protect oral hygiene

Your mom taught this t you when you were a little one and do you still continue to do the same? If your answer is “no” then you are really putting yourself into a risk when it comes to oral hygiene. It is very important that we take care of the jewels behind our smile. Due to lack of brushing and flossing we leave more room for bacteria to reside in our teeth and build their colonies which are known as “plaque”. This plaque can lead to more gum diseases, bad breath, removal of teeth and so much more. Also, to remove plaque you can get it all cleaned by a dentist. A good diet, drinking green tea, keeping yourself hydrated, using a mouthwash and checking with a dentist once in six months will help you to further protect oral hygiene.

Washing your hands

As we said, the simplest things can keep you away from so many diseases and will benefit you more in the long run. One of the smallest things we do and also one major way to keep ourselves hygienic is to wash your hands. Specially after you use the bathroom, when you sneeze, before and after you eat, when you come home after working outdoors, after you exercise yourself, and so much more. We do so many things with our hands from the dirtiest to the dustiest things. What we eat goes to our stomach and then results will depend on what we ate and how we ate. Check for hand sanitizers from your chemist’s warehouse.

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Wear clean clothes

Don’t wear clothes that are dirty and sweaty. Especially when you go out and get soaked with sweat, it is very important that you put your clothes to the washing machine. Another is you should wash your underclothes daily. This will make you feel comfortable and also refreshing.

Change your bedding

Bed sheets and pillow cases should also be changed once a week. This will help you to get rid of all the guilt it holds ad to make it look new. Since you spend a lot of time in bed, having a comfortable place to lie down and specially a clean place will help you be at ease.



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