The Importance of Quality Water


I felt that it would be a good idea to make this page on the website which will clearly outline why exactly water is so important to life. As you have probably heard before, 70% of the world’s surface is actually water and roughly about 75% of the human body is also made up of just water. I have learned that we should actually be drinking around a minimum of 3 litre’s of water a day as the organs in our body use up around 2.5 litre’s a day and then we also lose water when we urinate and also when we sweat. The amount of health benefits we get from drinking water regularly everyday is obviously going to be numerous. Some of these benefits will include making all our organs function better and thus keeping us at the optimum health level, it will also help you to stay more alert since dehydration is a major cause of fatigue and tiredness. It can also help you to lose weight because water can increase your metabolic rate and therefore it helps your bodies ability to burn off fat. There is clearly going to be many positives to your health just from drinking water so I won’t go into extreme detail about every little benefit right here, the most important thing to know is that you need to drink enough of it and it will make you feel, look and perform better and maintain health.

Now the problem these days is that its hard to actually find good quality water which is suitable for drinking. Unfortunately the tap water everywhere has been contaminated and has way to many impurities in it. It has been known to contain chlorine and flouride and also heavy metals such as aluminium, copper, lead and mercury (which is actually a toxic metal). Clearly water like this is not even safe for consumption and will cause all sorts of problems, in the short and long term. I think it is a real shame that our government makes or allows our tap water to be like this and then they even recommend us to drink 8 glasses or so of this water every day!


So basically what you want and what we need to be drinking is pure water. The best way to get this in my opinion is to drink pure distilled water. Distilled water is basically water which has been through the distillation process, which basically means that the water has been heated up to its boiling point which is 100 °C (degrees Celsius), this then produces steam which is just H₂O in gaseous form and this is then collected and cooled back down to produce H₂O in the liquid form (which is pure water) and this water can then go through a filter (for example a carbon filter) and then what you end up with is 100% pure water as the final product. Now to put this into perspective, tap water on average will have a ppm (parts per million) of 300-500 TDS (total dissolved solids) in it. Most bottled water is even normally around 30-50 ppm, so at least its a lot better than tap water as you can see. However distilled water will have a ppm of 0, for water to be classed as being pure it must have a ppm value lower than 1. So just because they tell you the water is safe, it definitely does not mean it is healthy (and on that note I don’t even think it should be labelled as safe for drinking and consuming with a ppm as high as that of tap water). Also tap water comes out as being slightly acidic (I did test this myself with a PH tester) then when I checked the distilled water it was also slightly acidic, just under PH 7 which would be neutral. I don’t believe the PH of drinking water matters to much as long as it is around 7 and the main thing of course is that it is free of impurities. Some people place a lot of emphasis onto the PH of our drinking water but the fact is that some parts of our body are alkaline (like our blood for example needs to remain slightly alkaline) and some parts are acidic (such as the stomach acid in our belly and also the external parts of our skin). Once distilled water is produced it actually has a neutral PH which is 7, although research has shown that once it is exposed to carbon dioxide in the air this slightly lowers the PH, but it does not matter and has no negative effects.

So basically you definitely cannot beat drinking pure distilled water. This is also made even more clear to us because distilled water is present through-out nature, for instance our rain water is actually distilled naturally as well as the water/juices in fruit and vegetables. Although obviously these days the quality of our air has been jeopardised due to pollution and chem-trails and unfortunately most of the food available today is chemically grown and genetically modified, so it is definitely now best to purchase your own water distiller.

I have seen myself the amount of horrible looking stuff and waste which is left behind in a water distiller chamber after the pure H₂O has been taken out and separated.

It leaves marks and stains which are hard to remove without using special cleaning products and also it often has a bad odour and smell to it (it definitely did with the tap water where I live). So yes, please start drinking pure water instead and spread the word to others as well! I use a great water distiller and also highly recommend everyone to get one, so please click here to take a look at the distiller I personally use (I went for the stainless steel version with the glass jug). You will find that once you get drinking, it will start to cleanse and detox your body and your organs will become more used to it, which is great. You may even start to feel a bit rough for a while (depending on your age and how much bad stuff is in your body this could last from anywhere between a week to a few months or so) as your body adapts and gets rid of the toxins which will get flushed out by the pure water. You will also notice that it tastes a lot better than tap water and that it is lighter (less dense due to the metals and other impurities being removed), clearer and softer. Once I started to drink this pure water my body began to really thirst for it and want more and more and I now drink the correct amount of good quality pure water everyday and definitely feel the benefits from it.



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