Landscaping and Lawn Care


Spring is here and thinking of replanting flowers and vegetables and digging up the garden as well as planting the seed for the yard are on your head. You believed you did a job that was very good last year but it simply did not have that native Spokane feeling. So what can you do to improve it this year? You realize you want a flower garden and a vegetable garden but where should they be planted and how? You have seen some very beautiful designs at other homes and wonder how it is possible to do that also. Truthfully, you’ve always wanted to have some landscaping. Collectively, you design front yards and the back of your wishes and sit back.

You know you’re quite a good do-it-yourselfer but, true, the things you want to integrate into your lawn and garden project are a bit beyond you. Such a project needs an irrigation expert. As you review your back and front yards and sit you realize the polished professional appearance that you’re striving for can only be had with professional help. Only the professional landscaper will save you from the worry and nervousness of a do it yourself effort at landscaping.

Nothing appears less ugly than that well designed and manicured yard flower and vegetable garden Using the native grasses, flowers and assorted greenery will give you that wonderful Spokane feeling by which to entertain friends and your family.

Perhaps you have seen the large variety of native grasses and flowers of Spokane? If you’ve got a spot which is off the beaten garden course you may want to design a small bird sanctuary, surrounded by native grasses and greenery, to invite birds in as they past through. Instead of a bird bath you may want to put in a small water fountain or fall. If, on the other hand, you might have a more acreage you may want to construct an animal shelter or sanctuary surrounded by some of Spokane’s most delightful tall grasses. But if you do not need a lot of acreage you might want to add borders along paths and some containers in your patio or veranda as a part of your garden and lawn landscape green scene-irrigation.

Prepare your layouts, but don’t start digging up the front yard or that back yard until you have talked to see if your layouts are possible. Together, the staff of the landscaper and you can construct a back yard that is truly beautiful and functional with a lawn that is well seeded and manicured.



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