Lasik Eye Surgery: Myths vs. Facts


If you’re also one of those victims who have struggled with poor eye vision for their whole lives, there is a set of good news for you all!  And the good news is – now you can easily have clear vision without wearing glasses or contact lenses with the help of the latest technology of Lasik eye surgery in Mississauga.

However, undergoing Lasik surgery isn’t an easy decision to make and people have their certain apprehensions about it. Hence, to help you out with your concerns and clear out those apprehensions and doubts building up in your mind, we’ve enlisted certain myths prevailing in the industry and the true facts replacing them:

Myth: Everyone can undergo Lasik eye surgery.

Fact: The patients with thin or irregular corneas, eye diseases/viruses, poor health, diabetes or autoimmune diseases (diseases that can affect the outcome of the surgery) can’t undergo Lasik eye surgery.

Myth: Lasik eye surgery is a painful procedure.

Fact: Lasik eye surgery is always performed under the effect of anesthesia and if a patient experiences any discomfort or mild irritation issues, it can be taken care of with the help of a simple aspirin or ibuprofen.

Myth: Lasik eye surgery can lead to blindness.

Fact: There hasn’t been found any confirmed cases of a patient going blind after undergoing Lasik eye surgery in Mississauga. The surgeons ensure to have pre-operation consultation and tests with the patients and thoroughly discuss all the potential risks involved. If a patient isn’t suitable to undergo the Lasik eye surgery, it is never performed on them.

Myth: Lasik eye surgery can burn your eyes.

Fact: As every other Lasik surgery, this procedure too uses ‘cool’ lasers and they cannot burn your eyes at all!

Myth: Once you’ve undergone Lasik eye surgery, you won’t have to wear your glasses or contact lenses ever again.

Fact: Even after undergoing Lasik eye surgery, the passage of time and age will affect your eye vision. Hence, you need to continue with your routine eye checkup to maintain the health of your eyes.

Myth: The procedure and outcome of Lasik eye surgery is same, hence it doesn’t matter which eye surgeon has performed the surgery.

Fact:  It’s important to understand that every eye surgeon has its own set of credentials and hence doing a thorough research on them before you choose one, has an equal significance on the outcome of your Lasik eye surgery. Take your time to do the research and make sure that you’ve chosen the best one.



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