The Latest Mobile App Development Trends in 2017


The usage of the mobile phones is proliferating day by day. The lives of billions of people in the world are assimilated in their smartphone devices. From online shopping to dating, all requirements of a human are taken care by these powerhouse devices.

This shift from desktops to mobile phones has put an extra pressure on the Mobile App development companies to provide satiating services to their customers. The developers are in a constant pursuit of developing innovative and functional apps that will not impress the customers but also will serve them efficiently.

In the given passage we have discussed some of the recent trends adopted by the developers to provide better mobile app development services to the customers.

The most popular trends in the mobile app development

  1. The Enterprise Apps

The businesses are relying heavily on the mobile applications to conduct and manage the crucial processes. One of the most common apps used by the businesses is the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) App which helps businesses during the pre-sales period. The mobile app development companies will need to work in this direction so that businesses can benefit from the enterprise apps and save hours of desk work.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence seemed like magic, only possible in a fictional landscape, but we are living in the time where it is actually happening. Several fields of the Artificial Intelligence are included in the mobile app development services. Many applications offer the features such as talking and intercepting like a human being. We have shopping apps, where customers shop by ‘talking’. The app developers need to realize the importance of AI in the recent years.

  1. Cloud Based Applications.

Cloud-driven applications have a great scope in the corporate world. These apps are highly conducive to saving cost. The cloud facilitates the apps to access data and use the same to collaborate with other devices. It also enhances the security and helps to recover the disasters. Cloud is definitely a growing trend in the mobile app development.

  1. Iot Is Equally Advancing

A trend that is constantly seeking interests of the developers in the recent year is the Internet of Things abbreviated as IoT. The self-driving cars of Google are a good example of a machine using wireless communication and sensors to interact with the users. Other examples are the applications that control and manage traffic, appliances, vehicles and home. The mobile app development services for IoT is in its initial phase but have a great scope in the future.

It is high time for the developers to shun the outdated tools and technology as the competition in the field of mobile app development is getting fierce day by day. The potential in the mobile landscape is likely to grow even more. Therefore, it is time to enhance the skills by attaining an insight on the latest trends.

You can follow the work of any reputed mobile app development company and know more about the growing trends in the recent year.



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