How To Make Effective Use of Hanging Punching Bag


Purchase of a proper brand:

If you go shopping to purchase a heavy hanging punching bag, you will simply be overwhelmed by the extensive range of items in different shops. You’ll have to be careful to buy a proper brand. You should also be aware of the difference between an 80 pound heavy bag and a 50 pound heavy bag. The filling in the two types of bags does not make any significant difference but the covering certainly does. I myself went from shop to shop to buy the most impressive brand but since I had no experience so I was quite confused. From my shopping tour I realized the difference between the two types of bags, the 50 pound bag and the 80 pound bag.

Confusing variety of brands:

I asked salesmen the question repeatedly related to the hanging punching bags. Each salesman gave me a wide range of answers. It depended on how much he knew about his particular job. Some of them sounded absolutely ignorant but since they were working in a sports shop, I had to give some weight to their answers. Most of the salesmen had no knowledge about the nature of these bags. Some of them blatantly tried to mislead me but eventually I sorted out what they were trying to suggest and using my own common sense and rational faculties I arrived at some positive conclusion. I found out that Turner Sports UK’s products were the best on account of the force of resistance they had to offer to the player. The heavier hanging punching bag involved the use of greater force. It does not mean that a swinging bag is undesirable. It is not so as it guarantees you are not just standing while you are hitting. The additional resistance will actually help in developing stronger punches and more power & strength.

Power punching and raw strength:

Power punching is more skill than untrained strength. It is just like weight training. In weight training you have to gradually upscale the resistance so that you can reap the boost in strength. This to a great extent also applies to the TurnerMAX hanging punching bag.
Buy the bag according to your weight:

At last I decided to buy a 80 pound hanging punching bag made by TurnerMAX. It has a reasonable swing. I exercise greater power to hit the hanging punching bag and also get the best exercise from walloping the bag. One can easily find the difference between a bag filled with cement and the other stuffed with feathers. Most of the experts agree on three general types of filling. The kind of filling used in the bags decides its weight. The cement filled bags are probably stiffer than other bags. A hard filled hanging punching bag can retain its shape as it is sturdier than the other bag. Therefore it provides the toughest exercise for your whole body.

Soft filled bag:

A soft filled bag is comparatively lighter. Its flexibility does not provide you a tough exercise and therefore it doesn’t have the impact of a thorough exertion of your body. The joints of your body remain as brittle as they were at the start of the exercise. There is not much latitude in their movement and they are as good as stationary.

Brand choice is personal:

It’s a matter of personal preference which brand you care to choose. Most of the people find TurnerMAX as the ultimate choice. It is a brand manufactured by Turner Sports UK. However whatever brand you choose will give you a great work out. The covering is either of leather or canvas or they can be of composite material comprising canvas & leather. These composite bags are expected to last much longer. You can grow old like a shriveled turnip but they will outlast your strength, freshness and the rapidity of your movements.



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