10 tips for sleeping well, and so better train


Fitness Adequate rest is vital to exercise the body. Not only improves performance and mood but also prevents injuries.

We all need sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, as recommended by doctors. It is vital to recover from daily wear. Restful sleep has multiple benefits for our body protects the cardiovascular system, it helps regulate hunger, helps us maintain a healthy weight and improves skin appearance. Besides all that, it is essential to have a good physical performance. So before thinking about training the muscles, you must learn to “train” the dream. Here, some tips to ward off insomnia.

1. Beware of excesses . Alcohol, cigarettes and stimulants can disrupt sleep and thus reduce your physical ability.

2. Nutrite the outdoors and the sun. It is recommended that you train during the day and sunlight. It is always best to do it before 8 or 9 at night to respect the natural rhythm of the body. It is that once the sun goes down, an internal mechanism that makes secretes melatonin, a hormone that lowers body temperature, makes you lower the decibel and is responsible for sleep breaks. If you exercise, this system will be altered and could have difficulty resting.

3. Do not push yourself more . Listen to your body and respect what you ask. If ever you made ​​physical activity, it is best to start slowly and go gradually up the intensity. If you exercise very intensely chances are that you not stress and injuries.

4. established routines . This not only helps to improve your performance, but also serves you to balance your biological clock. Ideally , you have a fixed schedule of training that can be, for example, two or three times a week in the morning before starting your day job. This will help you keep a record, the body will be better prepared and also favor the sleep.

5. Do not eat or take in excess . As always remind doctors, avoid very heavy dinner before bedtime. It is convenient to eat a light meal drink fluids an hour before going to bed. It is that drinking too much shortened sleep time.

6. Turn off the tablet . The light – emitting electronic devices, especially that is blue, as with cell phones and the tablet makes melatonin and this causes insomnia is inhibited.

7. Peace for your mind . A while before you go to sleep you have to achieve calm your body and head. Therefore, it is best to avoid discuss, solve problems or maintain a heated telephone conversation. It is advisable to opt for a pleasant reading or relaxation exercises before going to bed.

8. A proper bed . It is important to choose a mattress to take care of your spine. Today there are many who are ergonomic. They help prevent contractures, and are allies who, the next day, want to get up ready for sports.

9. A good haven for relaxation . Turn off lights and insulates your room from external noise. This is vital to sleep. Did you know that 80% of sleep time while we do it in very superficial stages? That is why it is very important to create an environment conducive to rest.

10. See a specialist. If nevertheless, you have trouble sleeping, do not let contact a doctor. The insominio can allow the emergence of other conditions.



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